Individuals who would like to participate or who need more information are asked to call Keith Sweet at
209-419-3770 or Jim Guidi at 209-223-1340.

EVERYWOMAN' HOUR is Interviews of Women Making A Difference In Their Communities In the Motherlode, on KQBM Blue Mountain Community Radio: KQBM 103.7FM West Point / KQBM 90.7FM San Andreas and at Live Stream. Interviews by Kat Everitt, Volunteer Broadcaster at KQBM, and Co-Hosts, as designated, are archived as Oral Histories.
This Link,, takes you to the Oral Histories of well over one hundred Women, in Amador and Calaveras Counties, since late fall of 2013 until the present day: documenting their Vocations; Avocations; Public  and Private Community Programs of Note; Volunteerism; Educations; Life Experiences; Community/Programs/Benefits/Arts Events; Teachings;  All Arts; Inspirations; Family Life: All the Accountings of the Abiding Historical Contributions that Women make in the Motherlode, for the benefit of their Communities and for Posterity.

We, the Women of the Motherlode, are honored to be included in the Work of KQBM Blue Mountain Community Radio; and in the Archives of The Amador Historical Society.


Live Oral Interviews | Transcribed Interviews
Oral Histories of Life in Amador County | Life in Amador County & Mines before 1997


Live Oral Interviews (mp3)    
Anne Teabeau Sprague   Jackie Mosher   Pat Tallon
Audry Souza   Joan Dal Porto   Phyllis Swensen
Charles Schafer   John Ferrero   Raggio
Dan Sinclair   Jon Colburn   Rosemary Fields
Del Farnham   June Vaira   Ross Aiken
Dick Cooper   Lumber Mill Workers   Roy Oneto
Dolores Larrigan   Marie Louise & John Solaja   Terry Grillo
Dominick Fregulia   Margie Guletz   Toby & Carol Cook
Eloise James   Marilyn Jones   Tom Paul
Frank Tortorich, Jr.   Maurice Plasse   Warren Carlton
Fred Oneto   Nina Winters   William Gebhardt
Transcribed Interviews by Cedric Clute  (pdf)
John Pierovich - Argonaut Mine Disaster
John Pierovich - Early Days in Jackson, CA
Thelma Pierovich - Early Days in Jackson, CA
Steve Sanguinetti - Argonaut Mine Disaster
Georffery Schweitzer - Early Jackson & Mines
Steve Sanguinetti
Mrs. Pearl Sanguinetti
George Bonnefoy
George Bonnefoy
FranK & Edwina Liddicoat - Gold Mines & Life in Amador County
Ruth & Harold Gabriel - The Bi-Centennial wagon drive to Valley Forge
Bob Porter, Gert & Arnold Jones - Volcano
Sadie & Ralph Crain
Stephen Graham - Jose Amador
Gladys Spinetti - Fremont Mine
Babe Garbarini - Retirement Dinner
Gladys Spinetti - Fremont/Grover Mine
Georgia & Frank White - Early days in Pine Grove & Volcano, Logging
Georgia & Frank White - Early days in Pine Grove & Volcano, Logging
Babe & Marie Garbarini - Living in Volcano
Babe & Marie Garbarini - Newspaper Business & old time Jackson
Mary Welch - Sutter Creek & Skunk Hollow
Mary Welch - Opera House
Mary Lawrence - Postmaster Fiddletown
Evelyn Gillick Garbarini - Early days in Volcano
Grace Vila & Leslie Martin - Jackson Early Days
Ernest Lucot - Jackson Early Days
Josephine Carpenter - Schools in Amador County
John Huberty - Work & Play in Amador County
Jane Boitano - Sutter Creek & Amador County
Frank Liddicoat - Mines in Amador County
Amador County Hospital - Early days in the County with Linda Cuneo & others
Amador County Hospital - Early days in the County with Linda Cuneo, Lili Vicini & others
Amador County Hospital - Ione & Preston School
Fred Clark - Suckertown, Fiddletown & the small mines
Muriel Thebaut - From a young lady's diary, 1855 to 1862
Toby Tyler - Landmarks in Amador County
Ted Baggelman - John Sutter
Clyde Berriman - Filing for Historic Register of the Kennedy Wheels
Mariposa County 125th Anniversary Celebration
Ruth Clarke - Famous characters out of the west & trip down Hwy 49
William Sprague - Gambling in Jackson
Romona Dutschke - The Miwok Indians
Georgia White - Old Pine Grove Buildings
Evelyn Garbarini - The Kennedy Wheels
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Buzza - Early days in Sutter Creek
Dorothy McEwen - Early days in Norway & working for Jack London
Mrs. Chester McMullen - John Ratto's scrapbook
Gladys Spinetti - Amador County Mines
125th Anniversay Celebration - Amador County
Oral Histories of Life in Amador County  (pdf)
Keith Davis's U.S. Honors History class at Argonaut High School worked on Oral Histories of life in Amador County for use in the Historical Society Archives.
Alan Garbarini Ernie Malatesta John Aime
Alice CLark Evelyn Garbarini Larry Danielovich
Andrew Pierovich Evo Vasilovich Mike Backovich
Azelea Cuneo Francis Vaira Norman Dal Porto
Deloris Bryant Garrison Frank Tortorich Ralph Milanovich
Dolores Shealor George Banicevich Raymond Manuel Viscarra
Dominick John Fegulia Ire Green Teresa Dean Gonzalez
Edward Swift   Vincent Martin
Life in Amador County & the Mines Before 1997  (pdf)
Keith Davis's U.S. Honors History class at Argonaut High School worked on the life in Amador County and the Kennedy Mine Project for six months compiling information for use in the Kennedy Mine Museum, Mine Tours and Historical Society Archives.
Dark As A Dungeon, Words & Music John Fullen
Kennedy Mine Abstract 1870 Labor Strikes of 1871 & 1903
Kennedy Mine Deeds Pt. 1 Labor Strikes of 1903 & 1934
Kennedy Mine Deeds Pt. 2 Mines of Amador County
Kennedy Mine Deeds Pt. 3 Serbian Church History
Kennedy Mine Deeds Pt. 4 The Miner's Lot Poem
Kennedy Mine Notables Timber & the Mines
Kennedy Mine Notables  


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